Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Bumps in the Road

My husband examines the prescription box.  He queries, "Did you see the name on the box?  They gave her a middle initial - Lady K Ferris"

"The "K" - stands for K-9."

Lady has lost approximately 25 pounds since early June.  We took her to the vet and he drew blood for tests.  They came back - she has diabetes.  It worries me for a number of reasons.  It has been a little over 8 years since I last gave a shot.  My dog, Corduroy developed diabetes.  Her last three years were very difficult.  I still miss her.  

The financial aspect of this disease adds to our financial difficulties.  Like many families we are struggling financially.  Dan has had medical problems that have kept him from working  or the last year and a half as a truck driver.  So we have been living on my salary.  Ah we must move forward and meet the challenges that come are way.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Mom, this is Mrs Ferris Wheel"

School has been in session here in Billings, MT for several weeks.  Last week we had open house.  The kids and their parents come in and say hi.  Many of my former students drop by to see their old stomping grounds.  When they come back they are tall and handsome young women and young men.  They change so much from 6th grade to high school.

Three things made this open house memorable for me.  (1) One of our new Kindergarten students brought her Mom in and introduced us. "Mom, this is Mrs Ferris Wheel, the librarian."  Mom looked a little puzzled with that introduction.  I smiled as I explained that my name is Mrs. Ferris.  I had told the kids to think of the ferris wheel at the fair, then they would remember my name.  The Mom smiled and told her daughter that she didn't have to say the wheel part next time.

The second memorable conversation came from one of my 2nd graders and one of his younger siblings.  I was eaves dropping on their conversation.

 "Is she the princess?"

Older brother, "No she is the Queen of the Library."  As they left he turned and waved and said, "Good by Queen."

Sometimes I really wish I had a window into their thoughts.  It certainly made my day.

The third memorable experience was from a previous student accompanying his Mom and younger sister.  This handsome strapping young man is now in high school.  He shared with me, "Because of you I became a reader.  When I was in 7th and 8th grade I read constantly I read the Harry Potter series in three weeks.  All of the books.  I read another series in two weeks, all I wanted to do was read."

His Mom looked at me with pride shining in her eyes and said she had to threaten to take away his books to get him to do anything else.

He chimed in, "ya, I lost my books when I got in trouble."

I thanked him for sharing his story with me.  He seemed puzzled as he commented, "You were really excited when I told you about loving reading."

I told him I was and that I was very proud that he had become a life long reader.  I think this year will be memorable.