Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Montana Big Sky Country

I was out to my sister and brother-in-laws place and took these pictures of the sky.  A storm was thinking about moving in but they are beautiful.  On our way back to Jordan I missed a couple of shots.  I didn't ask my husband to stop so I could take some MORE pictures.

The shot I wish I had taken was a knoll.  On top of the knoll was a band of about 10-15 horses.  It was getting close to dusk and the sky behind was blues and purples.  It looked like a fantasy painting.  Oh well I am getting better at looking ahead so Dan has time to stop.

The sky makes such beautiful kaleidoscope images.  I am always watching for the new show. The sky changes quickly.  I am always in awe of the many diverse forms of beautify that is this land.


  1. Gorgeous photos you captured. So glad you shared them. I needed a little change of scenery today.

    I will go out and watch the clouds (once the haze clears).

  2. Incredible pictures! Now I know why they call Montana Big Sky Country. WOW!

  3. So beautiful to see. I like no. 5 & the final one. Amazing clouds. We see some like this in Colorado, too. They often look like big storm coming, but less happens than is promised. I like the description of the one that got away. Sounds as if it would have been really good.

  4. Impressive sky shots! Thank your husband for stopping! Don't you think photography is quite like fishing and hunting...the one that got away drives us crazy!

  5. Great pictures. I like the 4th one. The contrast of the darkness of the cloud and the light blue sky is amazing.

  6. kaleidoscope images = I love these words put together almost as much as I love your pictures of the sky. Wow. I'm glad you shared.

  7. I love reading your blog. We are fortunate enough to know some folks outside of Jordan (Brusett) and try to visit every year during hunting season.

  8. Thank you. I enjoy writing it.

    Do you know my siser-in-law and brother-in-law?


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