Friday, March 13, 2015

Alphabet Lists

I like Alphabet Lists especially to brainstorm topics.  My kids seem to enjoy them, too.  I always say if you can't think of a word skip it come back later.  If you have time try a dictionary or encyclopedia for ideas.

I like to write about the funny things in life.  Most of the time I have lots to draw on the last few days I struggled with topics.

So I decided to create a gratitude list

A - Angels

B- Books

C- Cell Phones, CT Scans

D - Doctors

E - Emergency Rooms

F - Friends

G - Gratitude

H - Husband

I - Inquiry

J -

K - Kidneys functioning ok

L - Laughter and the Little People

M - Miracles

N -


P - Prayer, perspective

Q - Quiet

R - Reflection

S - Supportive Friends

T - telephone conversations

U -

V - Volunteers

W - Warm days


Y -

Z - Z's

Ida one of my library volunteers told me she heard one of the little kids talking, "She's not here because Mr. Librarian got hurt."

I love my kids! They make me laugh. And now he has a new alias.

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  1. Great list! I bet if you printed it and posted it, others could help finish it off. Hope Mr Librarian is feeling ok.


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