Saturday, October 12, 2013

No Relief

Our road trips take us down many isolated areas and back roads.   Rest stops are always high on my priority list.  Me - I am partial to rest stops with indoor plumbing and warm running water.  My husband is not so particular.

Out on the back roads a maintained rest stop can be a welcome luxury.  Today those were unavailable because the government was closed till further notice.

Each day I am made aware of how many ways my life is impacted by this shut down.  The first few days the Library of Congress website was closed.  Thus no research for me.  All the National Park websites are still closed.  The impact on me is annoying, frustrating.  I dislike that individuals who didn't get their way are able to hold this country hostage.  Yet I think about the many small businesses around Yellowstone that rely on the tourist trade - their livelihood has been sorely impacted.  I am sure this is true for all of our National Parks.

My photo was taken of a sign taped to a locked outhouse in the Shoshone National Park.  I think it is a great allegory for our current situation.  Each closed government function ripples out affecting so many people.  Some mildly impacted, others who may never recover.

To me the sign proclaims no relief today!