Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Spring brings the inevitable list of change.  Renewing, altering.  Teachers changing schools, retiring, moving on.  New hires.  Nothing is truly static.  I feel the ripples from other peoples choices.  Some I embrace, some wash over me - an I experience loss.

Tonight we will honor 5 women who are retiring from our library ranks.  4 active librarians and our library boss.  Several of these ladies I count as good friends.  I have been busy beading my gift to them.   I have tried to reflect the personality of each by the ornaments I beaded.

This is an original design.  I call it Concinnity - it means harmony of design.

I wish them happiness and joy as they leave our ranks.  I already feel the loss as I look back at our time together.  I look ahead and know that I will keep in touch with my friends but it is somehow different.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ducks in the Court Yard

Sunday the ducks hatched - 14 babies.  Monday I watched them from my library windows.  They pop up like popcorn.  Mama watches her brood closely.  Today, Tuesday Papa Duck joined them for the morning helping to watch over his family.  A raven made an appearance on our roof.  Papa raised a ruckus.  The raven was trying to decide if duckling was on the menu.  Today they remained safe.