Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baby Fritzy and the Varmint

Last year my granddaughter was given 2 guinea pigs.  Recently one died and so we were going to bring another one to her when we made the trip to Miles City.  Since I was getting my classroom ready for the start of the new year I gave my husband the task of finding a guinea pig.
He checked at one of the pet shops they wanted $35.00 and had the gender we were looking for.  Then he noticed that our local animal shelter had two guinea pigs. They had been brought in by different families.  We adopted one for $10.00 and proceeded to bring him home.
I took him out when we got home.  Sammi immediately went into staring mode.  Max and Lady were "Ho Hum" now what? Baby Fritzy immediately started licking her chops.  She came towards me and the guinea pig immediately started fearful chatting.  I responded with a firm "No".
Baby just looked at me with puzzlement and confusion.  She was sure she had misunderstood. Surely we meant for her to have the varmint for dinner.  Deciding she had misunderstood me she came back and tried to take a bite, she connected with my hand.  The fearful chirping was fast as the guinea pig seemed to be saying"Grandma what big teeth you have", as she looked into the open mouth of Baby.  I pushed Baby away with my foot and said "No".  
Baby Fritzy looked at me with incredulity.  She couldn't believe I was serious about denying her this tantalizing morsel.  Dan told Baby that she couldn't eat the "little fellow".  She could sniff it and give it a lick but couldn't eat it.  She gave him a disgusted look and came up to me sniffed the critter and gave him a gentle lick.  Then sat down on her haunches and licked her chops in anticipation.
I put the guinea pig into a crate.  Sammi and Baby Fritzy stared at the guinea pig for hours.  The next morning I loaded the crate in our vehicle and came back into the house.  Baby was sniffing furiously - searching for the missing varmint.
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

International Homeless Animal Day

I was reading Bocci's Beefs about the International Homeless Animal Day.  Part of the focus was to encourage people to contact their local shelters to see what they are in need of and have every one who reads these blogs to provide one thing on the list.  This would be one way to try and help with the animal overpopulation and help find homes for the yet to be adopted fur-friends.

Our community has 2 spray and neuter clinics each year.  They ask for a donation of $40.00 per animal to help cover supplies and facilities.  Many of our veterinarians donate time to work at the clinic.  There are also some shot clinics that are held around town.  Both of these programs are well supported and seem to have great turn out.  We have taken 2 of our dogs to the spay and neuter clinic.  Our local animal shelter usually has information about upcoming clinics.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Have you ever seen such beautiful chompers?

Baby Fritzy has been in rare form this week. It was not a gold star week.  Right after we got her and discovered her penchant for chewing, Terri suggested keeping a calendar and putting a gold star up each day that was free of unwanted chewing. I should have started the calendar then.  But the image stayed in my mind and at times I refer to it.

She grabbed the roll of paper towels from the dining room table.  Took it outside.  Chewed the roll up as she papered the yard.  I found her eating a piece of wood.  I grew nervous when I realized it had been stained and had nail holes in it.  Finally discovered that she had chewed a piece off the bench that the dogs sit on to look out the window.

Tom our renter brought in a pair of my shoes from outside.  She ate part of one side.  I guess I should have left them on top of the TV.

Tom was using the drill and came inside to charge it.  He told me he had just plugged the battery in when he heard a loud thump.  He went out to investigate and the drill already sported teeth marks.  He said he yelled at her and she took off.  Later she tried to make up to him.  Laying at his feet and looking so contrite with her big puppy eyes.

I bought a loaf of banana bread and we had eaten most of it.  I had left it in a zip lock bag on top of the stove.  I made sure I had pushed it way back.  I found an empty zip lock bag in the yard.  I realized what had been in it when I went to cut a piece of banana bread for Dan and it wasn't there.  The banana bread was really good.

Wednesday evening there was an outdoor concert downtown. The dogs all wanted to go for a ride so we loaded them all up. Parked and listened to the music for awhile.  When we got home Dan backed into the drive way. Tom heard us and opened the front door. Dan and I stood on either side of the end gate opened the back up and stood out of the way of the stampeding herd.  Our traveling circus was home.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Li-Bear-y Corner: It's About Connecting With People

Li-Bear-y Corner: It's About Connecting With People

Who Influences You?

I recently received a blogger award for my Libeary Corner blog, I was thrilled.  Part of the procedure was to nominate 15 other bloggers that I thought were versatile.  Wow, one of the people I wanted to nominate is a friend who has really encouraged and supported my efforts at blogging.  We played phone tag.  I couldn't find her blogs that I had bookmarked and usually read.  FRUSTRATION!

This morning through happenstance I reconnected with both her blogs. To Craft A Fine Line and First One and Then the Other.  Melissa has a strong voice and a great sense of the absurd.  The first time we met was in an education book store that she was managing.  Imagine me in a book store.  I know you are LOL!  From their we developed a friendship.  One I treasure very much.

She has the rare knack for listening when you are feeling most confused, celebrating your victories and sneakily suggesting the next step that I have been running from or maybe its to. As a teacher I have tried to analyze this practice because I would like to duplicate this quiet influence with my students.  I believe the best learning is inquiry driven. Questions the individual wants answered.

This morning I was reading Two Writing Teachers -  I was moved by the post "Ruth's Slice of Life - Listening to Photograph by Nickelback . I was also influenced to listen to this piece of music.  Then I thought about using music and photos in my own class.  How will those things combine to influence my writing?

What is it I want to know? I want to know how to make my writing better.  From a conventions stand points my commas and dangling participles along with fragments are the boon of my literary existence.  But now as I try my hand in the free lance writing ring I realize I am probably going to have to learn to master them.  For nearly half a century they weren't even on my radar.  Now they seem to be in my headlights.  As I ponder my own personal learning net work I have two questions for you?  What do you want to know?  And who influences you?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pepsi Refresh Project - Please Vote


I was reading A Walk Through My Little World.  She had a link about voting on the Pepsi Refresh Project.
There are a number of great and valuable projects to vote on.  The one featured is about a shelter for animals whose humans have lost their homes due to the oil spill.

This seems like a great way many of us and help make a difference for people in the
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Pet Blogger Hop

I just found the Pet Blogger Hop yesterday.  This looks like great fun.  Thought I would introduce my family to everyone.  Dan and I just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary but we have been dating since 2001.

Dan has two adult kids - Joe and Peggy, one granddaughter Hailey. We are pet parents to 4 dogs - Max, Lady, Sammi, and Baby Fritzzy - and 1 duck.
From Left to Right "Baby Fritzzy"- Black Lab Pup; Sammi Great Dane Black Lab Cross (probably); Lady Chocolate Lab; Max Boxer Cross

They are a handful.  They keep us well entertained especially the pup.