Sunday, November 2, 2014

Montana Celebrating 100 years of the Women's Vote

Nov 3, 1914 women in Montana went to the polls for the first time.   I have spent the last year and a half learning about the women's suffrage movement.  My guiding question, "Why is this event that effected over 50% of the American population given such short shrift in our history books?"

I want to share a political cartoon I found in the Washington Times, Dec 18, 1918.  Notice the caption that accompanied the cartoon.

Caption (reprinted for easier reading) 
What does this illustration mean to you?  What does it mean to fathers and mothers responsible for the wise teaching and enlightenment of their children in youth?  What does it mean to women, whose problems have not been discussed, who have been asked to keep silent while men have decided all important questions for them?  (See editorial on this page.)         

Have you voted yet?