Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Attacking Water

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:Baby Fritzy". loves the water.  She bites the water and then gets a drink. It is so entertaining to watch her play with the water.  I am learning a little about video.

We have added the name Fritzy, because she is growing up.  Dan's "Cubs" cap finally bit the dust after being rescued 10 times.  The last time it wasn't in such good shape.  She also ate the wooden handle from the barbeque fork.

We talked to a fellow about our dogs.  We told him about Baby's chewing.  Jim laughed and said one of his previous dogs was like that.  They called him "Buzz" for buzz saw.  Jim's eyes had a far away look as he said and that was his only bad habit, that chewing.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quinoa 100% Gluten Free

I picked up June 2010 edition of The Costco Connection and read "A Pain in the Gut" by Jacqueline Duda.  She said many people who eat a gluten free diet may need to make sure they are getting enough B and D vitamins.  She stressed being careful because many vitamins contain gluten and can be toxic if to much is consumed.  Duda provided three great online links: (1)   and (2) (3) . I wrote a post about  Lisa's Gluten-Free Advise, the post was titled Resources for Living Gluten Free.

One grain people might want to explore is an ancient grain called Quinoa.  It is 100% gluten free and is a complete source of protein.  It is now available in many grocery stores.  Bob's Red Mill is one brand that carries Quinoa, Quinoa Corporation is another.  A quick search on the internet showed many recipes for using this nutty flavored grain. There is an excellent background article from Living in Peru about this grain.

There was a news article about a Quinoa cookbook written by Patricia Greene and her sister Carolyn Hemming.  I have a sweet tooth so I was immediately drawn to their description of a moist chocolate cake recipe.  Looks like I may be adding to my cookbook collection.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tempting Treats

 I was reading the Friday prompt for the - writing group.  The challenge:

PROMPT: 16 July
Shop 'til you drop:
 This week, tell FWE what sensual stimuli make, you want to buy. 

I wrote this paragraph then went and re-read the instructions again.  It said a poem.  I rewrote and submitted the poem that follows.  After writing these pieces I so want a caramel roll.

In the center of our mall there is a little kiosk that sells Cinnabon cinnamon rolls.  The smell of freshly baked bread spiced with cinnamon wafts through the air.  The scent tantalizes and teases me, taunting that it is within reach.  As the enticing aroma tickles my pleasure centers, my brain goes on full alert.  I reconnoiter the kiosk, surveying the display case.  Scouting out calorie laden pleasure bombs, knowing that one bite will detonate my greed for more.  I set about capturing the enemy, a choice roll that has both rich caramel flowing over the sides and thick luscious frosting standing guard on top.  After capturing this sinful delicacy, I savor it with a frosty chilled latte.  Mission accomplished.

All I want is something to eat
                Cinnamon rolls to savor
All I want is something to eat
               Cinnamon rolls – aromas that tease and taunt, floating in the air
               Cinnamon rolls with caramel dripping down the sides
All I want is something to eat
               Cinnamon rolls – with hot melting butter, drizzling down the sides
               Cinnamon rolls with sweet luscious frosting
               Cinnamon rolls that beckon me to indulge
All I want is something to eat
               Cinnamon rolls with crunchy pieces of nuts
               Cinnamon rolls – sticky, gooey caramel escaping
               Cinnamon rolls that tickle my tongue
               Cinnamon rolls savored with a frosty chilled latte
All I want is something to eat

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Could Scream

"Baby" just ate my C-Pac mask.  Earlier this morning I heard my shoe drop.  Went to investigate.  Baby had been heading out the door packing it off.  I retrieved the shoe and put its mate up on top of the TV.

Isn't that where everyone stores their shoes?

I went back to working on the computer.  It was quiet in the living room so I went to see what she was into.  She was out in the back yard merrily munching on my C-Pac mask.  The hose was missing the end piece, the rubber piece that fits around the nose had multiple bites out of it.  I was livid both at her and myself.
Since getting Baby and the first time she ate my mask I have put the hose and things out of Baby's reach when I get up.  This morning I forgot.  I woke up coughing, decided to get dressed and forgot to put my mask in a safe place.  I didn't close the bedroom door because my husband was still sleeping. 
She has plenty of her own chew toys, she really doesn't need my things.
Last week Dan went out for a ride on the 4-wheeler.  Pretty soon the phone rang. "Where are your shoes?"
"They were right here."
"Go look outside by the shed, I can see one from the alley."  I did.  Sure enough one of my shoes was in the backyard.  I came back in and looked for its mate.  Went back outside and found it around the side of the house.
The irritating part was Sammi came in and was talking and I wasn't listening. I told Sammi to go play as I was working on the computer.  I can hear you saying, "What is she talking about?"
Well Sammi sometimes tells on Baby.  Yesterday my shoes went walking.  Sammi came in and got my attention. I followed her outside.  There on the outside deck was one of my shoes and the remains of the bathroom garbage.  I picked up the mess and put on my shoes.
Today I didn't listen.  As soon as Baby saw me she knew she was busted.  She tried her cute routine and that just didn't cut it. Today she is in big trouble.  She is currently in the crate until I calm down. 
I guess I should have put the C-PAC mask on the TV instead of the shoes.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Missed an Important Deadline

I have missed another deadline.  Sometimes my brain is just foggy and it doesn't think as clearly as it used to.  I missed putting Meet Me on Monday on Monday.  I also missed an important payment.  Financially my family is going through some challenges.  We are not so different than many other families facing similar challenges.

So I have been praying, looking for other work, writing, and trying to figure out how to make money from home.  I have been trying to avoid the scams.  I have been reading business oriented blogs to stay at home Mom's who are working from home.  I think I'm missing some important steps along the way.

I am open to some suggestions about ways to make money using the computer if not earn a living from home at least to supplement our income.  We have a little rental house that needs lots of work.  We had been renting it really low to a relative.  He moved out and it cost us quite a bit to put things right.  Unfortunately it was money we didn't have.

I just learned that my sister is also going through some challenges.  Thanks for listening to my tales of woe.  Pray for us as we seek financial and physical health.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bringing Generations Together Through the Power of Old Photos

We are living longer and for some of us we will be healthier.  But many people live in social exclusion from other generations.  In the 1950's - 1960s 7 out of 10 families 3 generations or more lived together.  Today that statistic has dropped to 1 in 10.  Social Exclusion - this loss of culture and history is having a big impact on our society.  So how do we reconnect in this digital age?

One organization We are What We Do has a belief that small actions multiplied by lots of people will equal big changes.  I believe they are correct.  One of the laments I have heard often is I don't know what to talk to my grandparents about.  "Action 132: Share a Piece of Your History.  Part of the campaign for getting generations to hang out."

We are What We Do developed Historypin in partnership with Google.  Historypin lets you upload your pictures and the stories behind them onto a digital map.  For alll intents and purposes - making a digital time machine.

Lets have a get together: bring photos, family, computer and memories.  Go through the stories and retell the events pick some you would like to share and put it on the web.  There are different privacy settings - private to public.  I think it is a powerful tool to get generations talking about old photos.