Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where's Sammi

Sammi is a mouser.  She sits and waits, sometimes for hours. Then she pounces.  Sometimes she will hear and see the mouse run behind the boxes and cans in the pantry.  She shoves her head between the cans.  Other times she takes her paw and moves the cans.  They often find their way to the floor.

I often find her laying at the pantry door eyes focused, waiting, waiting, waiting.  Then there's a flash and the race is on.  The grey missile makes a break for freedom.  Sometimes its his last run.

My pantry is smaller than most walk in closets.  Recently it looks like a war zone.  Cans and boxes litter the floor where Sammi has knocked them over trying to catch her mouse.  You see Sammi is our Great Dane - Lab cross.  She is a very small Great Dane standing 26 inches tall from her toes to her shoulder.

I've often told Dan, "That dog is a cat."
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  1. Love this! I was totally picturing a cat and then had to revise my picture with your final twist!

  2. You wrote about me with such detail, but like "The Book Chook," I didn't expect the final twist. Good one!

  3. It is great getting wonderful comments. I appreciate and look forward to everyone's comments. They make my day.


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