Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Was a Little Bit Stressed

Now that the conference is over I can admit that I was a little stressed.  My presentation was scheduled at 3:25 on Thursday and a different one at  2:15 on Friday.  Both were the last sessions of the day.  Well on Thursday I had gone to the luncheon and listened to James Dashner speak.  He is very good. (Check out his trilogy).  Then I went to look at the vendor's exhibits.

I was in the lady's room when I overheard someone say it was 3:25.  PANIC!!!!  I raced out of the room, picked up my computer at our booth.  Then raced to the room I was presenting in.  I got there NO ONE was there.  I was crushed, I was angry with myself, and I felt devastated.

I went and laid out my materials.  Put out the hand outs.  Then called my spouse to whine.  I told him no one had come and how I was late.  Finally he asked me what time my presentation was supposed to have started.  I told him.

"Ruth, it is 2:37 now.  What time does your clock say?"

How do you spell RELIEF?

Well my mood took an immediate upswing.  As it got closer to my session people started coming in.  All in all it went very well.  My Thursday session was "Thinking Like a Historian: Using Digital Newspapers in the Classroom".

When you look at the whole conference my part was small.  I can't imagine what my stress level would have been if I had been responsible for ALL the planning.  Ah well, all is well that ends well.

Did I mention our council bought 1/2 a pallet of coffee that we have to pay for within 30 days?  That is 320 bags of coffee with our own private label - The Readers Blend.   It is available in medium and bold (ground).  We sold 50 bags at the conference. Not as many as I thought we would.  Maybe I still feel some stress.

Anyone want to buy some coffee for holiday gifts? I know where you can get some!


  1. Sorry for the confusion-oops! It must have felt so bad to be there a little late & then no one else showing up. Aren't you happy you called your husband-it saved the day! Sounds as if it turned out well, so good for you!

  2. I love your encouragement. You are always so upbeat.

  3. Bravo Ruth. Tell me more about your coffee!
    I know this feeling. It's a good thing and wait, the next time will be crazy as well


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