Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ducks in the Court Yard

Sunday the ducks hatched - 14 babies.  Monday I watched them from my library windows.  They pop up like popcorn.  Mama watches her brood closely.  Today, Tuesday Papa Duck joined them for the morning helping to watch over his family.  A raven made an appearance on our roof.  Papa raised a ruckus.  The raven was trying to decide if duckling was on the menu.  Today they remained safe.


  1. What a gift to be able to see these every day.  The photos are just wonderful, Ruth.  I really love number eight, the ducks walking away-so sweet.  Thanks!  And nice to hear something from you!  I hope you are doing okay.

  2. The ducks are sweet to watch.  I think the FWP will be here sometime this week to relocate our duck family.  They need to be closer to water so the little ones can swim.

    I'm ok mostly just busy with lots of projects.  We have four librarians and our "library" boss retiring.  A few other things.


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