Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Trails

Have you ever told your mate, "You should have listened to me?"   July 13, 2012 we were driving near Lincoln, Montana when I saw it.  Down the road was a wagon pulled by some draft horses.  Now Dan is usually pretty good about turning around and going back so I can take some pictures.  But not this day!

When we got home Dan was reading a copy of the Western Ag Reporter.  He showed me the article about Bob - wagonteamster.com.  He looked kind of sheepish and said I guess maybe we should have gone back.  Being the generous and loving wife that I am, I said.  "You're right.  You should have listened to me and turned around."

We followed Bob's blog and realized he wouldn't be far from Lewiston Idaho when we would be heading for Spokane. So Dan bless his heart took me on a road trip so I could get some pictures.  Bob's blog told us he had stopped for the night at Pomeroy, WA.  When we got past Pomeroy we occasionally saw some road apples, so suspected we were on the right track.    Timing was perfect.  We caught up with him at a little junction at Dodge, WA.

Bob was very gracious and visited with us about his horses and trip.  From reading other articles he had outfitted his wagon with solar power.  He looked like a very happy man.  Happy Trails Bob.

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  1. What a wonderful adventure he must be having.  I'll look this up, Ruth.  Glad you got a second chance!


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