Thursday, June 6, 2013

Schools Out Now Its Time to get Ready For Next Year

School has been out about a week.  I always have extra stuff to do and so always leave a few days later.  Summer seems to fly by.  I always feel there is not enough time or money to do all the things I want to do.   Yes, yes I know - most people experience the same thing.

I have three training dates this summer.  As I look at what I have already committed to for next year I am reminded that I want to do things differently.  The last few years I have made a Teacher's Binder.  It has helped.

The secret - you need to know where it is and actually use it.  I think I need to simplify my binders. My thinking is way to big and then it becomes unmanageable.  So I decided to revisit sites that have been helpful in the past.  I have hopes that I will be inspired to create the perfect system.

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  1. I am just finished, today! I'll check on all the links later, but know this will be helpful. Thanks for the idea for re-organizing!


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