Monday, June 1, 2015

Winding Down

This has been a roller coaster year.  Our school population is growing.  Next year they are adding 3 more classes.   The art and music teachers are losing their shared classroom.  They will be teaching from a cart next year.  I am losing 1/2 of my library space.  I still don't know where the 3rd classroom is going to be.  There are no more available rooms.

I understand the need, but at the same time it breaks my heart.  I listen to the people from facilities and others.  It comes back very clear most people have no clue what it takes to maintain and teach within a library.  At one point they wanted to take out my sink!  I happened to come around the corner and heard the comment.  I explained that there are times when books come with syrup and jelly and other sticky substances.  I would rather not be hauling those books down the hall looking for a sink.  They seemed surprised by this revelation.

They told my principal later that they had taken a sink out of one of the other libraries to make room.  I told her, "Yeh I know which one.  It has been a problem!"

As I look around the country and see so many states have totally gutted their libraries.  I am grateful that Montana maintains a strong library program within its schools.

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