Saturday, March 3, 2018

Writing a Memory, Day 3 #SOL18

Instructions:  Think about a memory.

It was our wedding day.  I had just come out of the bathroom and he was across the
room.  I was wearing my wedding dress and a hat with a short veil.  When he saw me
I saw his eyes soften and such love.  It was also the first time he had ever
seen me in a dress.  I remember the roses I was carrying.  The stems were
covered with a beaded cylinder.  I remember feeling the hard floor as I
walked towards him.  

We went into the kitchen area. Balloons hovering, kissing the ceiling.
Strings dancing.  The whirring fan. Food ready to put out. Carol was taking
pictures.  Through the window we could see people arriving.  A white faced Dan,
asked: “Are all those people coming here?”

We walked out holding hands, our friends and family standing.  Smiling.  

I had asked Angela for a short wedding ceremony.  From the time we
walked out and said I do - 9 minutes had passed. We weren’t the only
ones that were nervous.  Angela forgot to tell the guests to sit down.  
So they stood standing throughout the wedding ceremony.

Hailey, my new granddaughter stood eyes just above the table.  Little hands
reaching for the cake.  Her brother just beside her.  I kept moving her
hands away from the cake, while we waited for the knife.

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