Monday, May 2, 2011

T is for Three Forks

In 1805 the Corps of Discovery stopped in what is now Three Forks. Three tributaries – the Jefferson, the Madison, and the Gallatin – form the headwaters of the Missouri.  The rivers were named for President Jefferson, Secretary of State James Madison, and Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin.  Sacajawea recognized the area as where she was captured by the Hidatsas as a child.  Three Forks was traditional land of the Shoshone.

John Colter, one member of the Corps of Discovery came back to Three Forks to trap.  It was in this area that he had his encounter with the Blackfeet and he made his “naked” run in 1808.  Jack Gladstone has a song about Colter’s Run told from the Blackfeet point of view that I really enjoy.  John Colter was also the first white man to travel through what is now Yellowstone National Park.

Just outside of Three Forks is the Wheat Montana Bakery and Deli.  It is located at the intersection of I-90 and Highway 287 (Exit 274).  The flour that they use to make their baked goods comes from the wheat that grows on their family farm.  On their website they tell about holding the Guinness Record for taking standing wheat and turning it into bread in 8 minutes and 13 seconds.

One of their advertisements states that they are the 21st century equivalent to a stagecoach stop where people can refresh themselves.  So TRUE.  I always stop there if it is at all possible when I travel through the area.  They have good sandwiches; in my opinion their claim to fame is their pastries. 

My favorite is the caramel rolls.  The rolls are larger than a softball – about 4 inches across.  I love having them hot with butter drizzling down the side.  I savor each bite – a taste of ecstasy.  The caramel slides down your tongue teasing you until you have eaten the whole thing. 

Wheat Montana Bakery and Deli should have a sign posted outside – “Sin Sold Within”.

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  1. Mmmm, I'm hungry now! Your description of the rolls was scrumptious, especially the line, "The caramel slides down your tongue teasing you until you have eaten the whole thing. " Love that

  2. They are so good. Last month we stopped there, unfortunately we had just started weight watcher's so I opted for 1/2 a sandwich instead of the caramel roll that I WANTED.

  3. Another interesting story about Montana! I always think it's great when people make something special with what they are given, as the bakery has. The rolls sound scrumptious for sure!

  4. H'mmm, writing a travel book? Sounds wonderful . . .

  5. What a perfect idea, travel connected to something great to eat. Good thing I'm reading your post Ruth, after I had a great meal and dessert.

  6. I want to be sure to share your posts with all my Montana transplants. Your alphabet entries are so interesting to read.

  7. I am so very excited that people "like" my writing. I have been having lots of fun writing about Montana. I really enjoy the conversations I have had. It truly feels like I have made many new friends.

    Thank you for your comments and encouragement.

  8. Interesting information I never knew turned yummy! I think mentioning some local businesses really adds to the piece--I'd really like to go there!!!

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