Tuesday, May 10, 2011

X is for X-Crossing

According to answers.com there are 10 places in the United States that starts with the letter X.  The place in Montana that they list is X-Crossing.  It is located in Phillip County, at latitude 47.703 and longitude -107.783.  I found it on the internet but not in our atlas.

There is one other place in Montana that I think fits the X category if you stretch it.  It is actually Saint Xavier.  St. Xavier is a small community about 23 miles south of Hardin, MT on the Crow Reservation.  St Xavier, was founded by two Jesuit priests, in 1887.  There is an elementary school that serves the community for a 30 mile radius. 

Pretty Eagle, Crow War Chief
Pretty Eagle Catholic School was named after a Crow War Chief – Pretty Eagle.  A couple of years ago I attended the National Writing Project in Laurel, Montana.  One of our field trips took us to the Crow Reservation one of our stops was the Pretty Eagle School and Chapel, in St Xavier.  The architecture reflects the Crow Culture within the architecture of the chapel.


  1. Hard to believe that one might ride a school bus for so many miles. I looked up x crossing, & it said it was populated, but could find nothing else about what was there. Thanks for the interesting place descriptions.

  2. I am making a list of places I want more information about and that is one. I think it is probably just a place name.

  3. This whole project has probably been a learning experience for you too not just your readers. I find it fascinating how you make connections, whether with your own life, or with someone you know, or to an article someone else wrote.

  4. Beautiful description...
    Thanks for sharing..


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