Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Land of Contrasts

June 10, 2011 we went to Brusett, MT and visited with Dan's sister and husband.  Alven told stories as I took pictures of their property.  Their home is about 25 miles (by road) from the Fort Peck Lake.  The Fort Peck Lake has more shore line than the state of Florida.

Their land is not far from the Charles M Russell Wildlife Refuge.  The north side of their property is on the edge of the Missouri River Breaks.  Our English language doesn't do justice when I tell you the land is rough.

Now contrast these pictures of the "Breaks" with the acres of pine country that is also part of their land.

I have watched deer graze in the field behind their house.  Patsy has told me about watching elk graze from her kitchen window.  It is a land of contrasts.  It's rugged beauty takes your breath away.                   


  1. It's so beautiful. But I can't imagine how it might be living so isolated. Thanks for the photos-it is a contrast.

  2. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law actually have neighbors within a couple of miles from their home. The closest town is Jordan about 30 miles away. The one room school is about 8 miles away. Most homes have satellite TV.

  3. Gorgeous shots. The night sky must be just awesome with no lights for miles around.

  4. It is I will post a few pictures I took recently of the sky.


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