Monday, July 11, 2011

Z is For ZooMontana

In the old days there was an annual concert held on what is now Zoo Montana grounds.  The concert was an annual fundraiser, the money was used to help build this remarkable 70-acre botanical garden and zoological park.   Zoo Montana was incorporated and established as a non-profit organization in 1982.  There is no other comparable zoo within a 500-mile radius.

If you are on Interstate 90 take exit 443 (Billings, MT) and you will be on Zoo Drive.  The exhibits have been constructed with natural habitat techniques.  Each exhibit has been designed with care for the safety of the public and the comfort of the animals.

Students are always excited when they get to go to Zoo Montana.  The zoo takes its education mission seriously.  There are a number of trunks that can be rented and used in the classroom.

The “Fantasy of Lights” is an Easter Seal fundraiser and is held at the zoo.  The Holiday Light Display covers 2.5 miles that you can walk or drive through.  Local merchants sponsor individual light displays.  The  “Fantasy of Lights”, now “Zoo Lights” has become a traditional holiday event.

In 1998 my mother came to live with me.  I bought a family membership at the zoo.  We spent quite a bit of time walking the grounds and enjoying the exhibits.  We would sit on the benches and watch the birds in the open aviary.  One of our favorite haunts was to watch the otters as they played.

Over the years Zoo Montana has been able to add to their exhibits, and until recently was an accredited zoo.  This year Zoo Montana lost their accreditation because of financial problems.  They are now in the process of working to regain their standing.  I feel Zoo Montana is a valuable part of our community. 


  1. You did it! A-Z. Fascinating and educating. Z ends with a sad note. I hope that Zoo Montana will get back their accreditation.

  2. Congratulations on finishing your whole alphabet! I can imagine this as a terrific travel book for people to keep about Montana. I'm glad you continued to make personal connections each time, like this one about your mother. Each post was interesting to read, all the way from A to Z!

  3. Great posts! Congratulations on getting through the alphabet. You must be wondering what to do now!
    You could try numbers, but they go on forever...

  4. I loved the angel horse story-Thank you!

  5. I want to thank everyone who stuck with me to the end. You were the reason I came back and finally finished. You gave me encouragement. I so appreciated all my readers.

    Just a footnote of how I spent May. I inventoried the library I had been at for the last 12 years. Packed my many, many boxes to move into my new school.

  6. Your posts have made me want to visit Montana. It's a state I knew very little about until you started writing. Thanks for sharing so many important places.

  7. Wow! A to Z. It looks like I have a lot of posts to catch up on. I hope your Zoo gets back on its feet.

  8. Oh wow, you did the whole alphabet! Now I have to go back and read them all. :)

  9. I love writing about Montana. I really appreciated my hubby's willingness to take some road trips to some off the beaten track destinations.

    I hope you keep reading as I plan on writing more about Montana


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