Monday, September 26, 2011

Dancing Water

Watching water droplets dance on the pickup hood.
Sunday before we left on one of our Post Office searches, I turned the hose on and sprayed the pickup windows.  Dan turned on the windshield wipers to knock the bugs off.

As we went down the road, water droplets merge and scoot across the waxed hood falling down the side.  They scoot and merge and crawl like an inch worm.  Then speed up, sometimes they split again and race to the edge.

I have been watching a small cluster of droplets try to slide down the ravine on the pickup hood, only to be pushed back by the wind.

            21 miles - and some of the droplets are still on the hood.  The bigger group has grown smaller - dancing and wiggling like "hootchy cootchy" dancers.

            50 miles - and still there is a small puddle dancing in place in the groove of the hood.

            65 miles - and the water is valiantly surfing on the hood - riding into the wind.

            73 miles - the small puddle of water is now the size of my fingernail, barely moving.

           80 miles - a water ring now is all that is left.


  1. A poetic way to stay busy on a long ride:)

  2. Beautiful description. I can tell I've been obsessing about school too much because as I read your piece, I started seeing your droplets as teachers and schools. Time for me to go on a road trip, take in my surroundings, and be in the moment. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  3. I love reading about your trips...the descriptions are always wonderful and you go so many great places!

  4. I enjoyed the way you closely observed the water and how it changed as the miles passed. Beautiful.

    My best,

  5. I love how you marked the passage of time with the miles. This is such a perfect example of a really detailed slice. Thanks!

  6. What a clever way to move time in this slice. I might have to try it.
    Thanks for sharing,

  7. I've watched those water droplets too. I loved your verbs, they were so perfect! This was fun to read and visualize.

  8. So interesting to observe something so closely, & I'm surprised that they lasted so long. Your close descriptions made this fascinating. I'm always happy to hear about another road trip.

  9. I loved the cronical of the time. It really takes a focused person to pay such close attention to a detail like this.

  10. You took on a great challenge in describing the water differently all the way through your piece.


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