Monday, April 30, 2012


I started April with such good intentions.  2 challenges in one (Poetry and A-Z).  Then I got busy with other commitments. The beaded ornaments I photographed and gave away.  (I am working on five more for some friends who are retiring.)  I have also been working on a grant for our school.

Tonight I was looking through the NEAtoday.  There was a link for history, archaeology, and the arts (Athenaeum)   Well when I went exploring  but what should I find a lesson on Edward Hopper   Thought I would share the links.

May looks promising.


  1. I will certainly look up Hopper.  I've missed you, Ruth & hope you had a good April with your other tasks.  

  2. I missed you too.  It has been both good and bad. Thank you for being there.


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