Monday, April 8, 2013

The Difference of a Day

Sunday afternoon our journey began.  A balmy 63 degrees

 Clouds dance.
Solo the Meadow Lark sings

Welcoming spring

We journey on

Clouds tumbling, swirrling


 Ferocious clouds, gathering

Pompey's Pilar

Stands remembering

 Journeying on

Soon the day will be done

Snow is forecast.

Monday it snowed all day.

Still snowing tonight.


  1. You've sent the storm our way, Ruth. It's snowing hard now, temp dropped fast this evening, like yours. We have a snow day tomorrow, which is welcome. As I keep saying, we need the moisture, no matter how we get it.

  2. This is an amazing picture poem really showing the changing sky. The sky tells all. Hope spring returns to you soon.


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