Friday, February 28, 2014

You Know There is Snow When Schools Close in Montana

The railing was bare Thursday night when I went to bed.  This morning at 4:30 am there was about 4 inches.  It is now almost 9:30 pm and I am guessing there is at least 15 inches on the railing.  The snow is still falling.

Missoula is approximately 350 miles from Billings, MT.  Sunday Dan and I left for Missoula about 8:00 am for a conference on Monday and Tuesday.  It was snowing.  We were blessed we hit snow, the roads were wet but not bad.  We stopped in Butte - snow but not bad, got to Missoula wind was howling.  Cold bitter and cutting - it was getting bad.

At breakfast we learned that neighboring areas (45 miles away) received about 21 inches that night.  I watched out the window it was still snowing.  Tuesday it quit.  Tuesday night I knocked the snow from the pick-up and went into town and had supper.  Wednesday we traveled home - roads were clear and dry.

Thursday the clouds were looking ominous.  The photos are from the railing on my back porch Friday night.  Oh by the way it is still snowing.

The news said that schools were closed in Missoula and surrounding areas because of Blizzard conditions.  Several schools in the eastern part of the state were also closed.

This next picture is from KECI 13- Missoula

This picture was taken at Lolo Pass about 30 miles from Missoula.

The news says we have two more waves on the way.  Yes I know it is still snowing.


  1. Can't wait for this one to arrive in the East....we've had more snow days this year than I can remember...and yet a SNOW day in SNOW country must be REALLY remarkable!

  2. Our district decided to stay open. I am hoping that we have a slow thaw. Otherwise we will have flooding to add to our experiences.

  3. Wow! That is a lot of snow. I believe this weekend we are in the 4-6 inch range. We did have a school year once with 9 snow/ice days, but I remember going to school on Saturdays when I was in high school because of April ice storms! hmmm.... Saturdays! They are pretty busy nowadays!

    Loved your pictures!

  4. Wow, that final pick is ominous. It has been quite a winter for many of you, yet Denver is still not getting much, seems to always be in the mountains, which of course they have loved. Nice to hear from you again, Ruth!

  5. I heard from Sneed Collard on facebook that the avalanche in Missoula was near his home. Glad he and his family is safe. It is amazing that the people in that demolished home were found. I have not heard how they are doing today.

  6. I saw it on the news, but you're right, they didn't say anything about how everyone is now. I'm glad they survived. Hope the month means less for you.


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