Saturday, March 1, 2014

Playapalooza Learning to Play Vintage Games

Every year the Western Heritage Centers hosts "Playapalooza" as family entertainment and a fund raiser for their educational programs.  Every year I think that this year I will finally get there, and every year I miss it.

What is a Playapalooza?  An event where you and your children or grandchildren can go and learn and play vintage games.  Games like checkers, tiddlywinks,  jacks, hopscotch,  marbles,  pickup sticks.  

As a kid I played checkers, hopscotch, jacks, and a little marbles.  I never learned to play tiddlywinks - imagine my surprise when I learned there are still tournaments and associations.

I know that Western Heritage have many of these games in their gift shop year round.  As I sit her writing I'm thinking about complex text - yah right.  What I was actually thinking was how directions are often very complex and confusing.  I wonder what my kids would think about having a mini Playapalooza -  reading the directions to figure out how to play the game.  Then letting them try.  I wonder if YouTube has anything on these games?


  1. I haven't thought of tiddlywinks in ages. I did enjoy playing this when I was a kid. I also enjoyed board games such as Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and Uncle Wiggily. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Playapalooza sounds like a great time. What a perfect way to keep games of the past, that don't get much attention, alive.
    Directions of all types seem to be complex text.


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