Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quinoa 100% Gluten Free

I picked up June 2010 edition of The Costco Connection and read "A Pain in the Gut" by Jacqueline Duda.  She said many people who eat a gluten free diet may need to make sure they are getting enough B and D vitamins.  She stressed being careful because many vitamins contain gluten and can be toxic if to much is consumed.  Duda provided three great online links: (1)   and (2) (3) . I wrote a post about  Lisa's Gluten-Free Advise, the post was titled Resources for Living Gluten Free.

One grain people might want to explore is an ancient grain called Quinoa.  It is 100% gluten free and is a complete source of protein.  It is now available in many grocery stores.  Bob's Red Mill is one brand that carries Quinoa, Quinoa Corporation is another.  A quick search on the internet showed many recipes for using this nutty flavored grain. There is an excellent background article from Living in Peru about this grain.

There was a news article about a Quinoa cookbook written by Patricia Greene and her sister Carolyn Hemming.  I have a sweet tooth so I was immediately drawn to their description of a moist chocolate cake recipe.  Looks like I may be adding to my cookbook collection.

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