Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tempting Treats

 I was reading the Friday prompt for the - writing group.  The challenge:

PROMPT: 16 July
Shop 'til you drop:
 This week, tell FWE what sensual stimuli make, you want to buy. 

I wrote this paragraph then went and re-read the instructions again.  It said a poem.  I rewrote and submitted the poem that follows.  After writing these pieces I so want a caramel roll.

In the center of our mall there is a little kiosk that sells Cinnabon cinnamon rolls.  The smell of freshly baked bread spiced with cinnamon wafts through the air.  The scent tantalizes and teases me, taunting that it is within reach.  As the enticing aroma tickles my pleasure centers, my brain goes on full alert.  I reconnoiter the kiosk, surveying the display case.  Scouting out calorie laden pleasure bombs, knowing that one bite will detonate my greed for more.  I set about capturing the enemy, a choice roll that has both rich caramel flowing over the sides and thick luscious frosting standing guard on top.  After capturing this sinful delicacy, I savor it with a frosty chilled latte.  Mission accomplished.

All I want is something to eat
                Cinnamon rolls to savor
All I want is something to eat
               Cinnamon rolls – aromas that tease and taunt, floating in the air
               Cinnamon rolls with caramel dripping down the sides
All I want is something to eat
               Cinnamon rolls – with hot melting butter, drizzling down the sides
               Cinnamon rolls with sweet luscious frosting
               Cinnamon rolls that beckon me to indulge
All I want is something to eat
               Cinnamon rolls with crunchy pieces of nuts
               Cinnamon rolls – sticky, gooey caramel escaping
               Cinnamon rolls that tickle my tongue
               Cinnamon rolls savored with a frosty chilled latte
All I want is something to eat

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