Tuesday, August 17, 2010

International Homeless Animal Day

I was reading Bocci's Beefs about the International Homeless Animal Day.  Part of the focus was to encourage people to contact their local shelters to see what they are in need of and have every one who reads these blogs to provide one thing on the list.  This would be one way to try and help with the animal overpopulation and help find homes for the yet to be adopted fur-friends.

Our community has 2 spray and neuter clinics each year.  They ask for a donation of $40.00 per animal to help cover supplies and facilities.  Many of our veterinarians donate time to work at the clinic.  There are also some shot clinics that are held around town.  Both of these programs are well supported and seem to have great turn out.  We have taken 2 of our dogs to the spay and neuter clinic.  Our local animal shelter usually has information about upcoming clinics.

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