Saturday, August 14, 2010

Have you ever seen such beautiful chompers?

Baby Fritzy has been in rare form this week. It was not a gold star week.  Right after we got her and discovered her penchant for chewing, Terri suggested keeping a calendar and putting a gold star up each day that was free of unwanted chewing. I should have started the calendar then.  But the image stayed in my mind and at times I refer to it.

She grabbed the roll of paper towels from the dining room table.  Took it outside.  Chewed the roll up as she papered the yard.  I found her eating a piece of wood.  I grew nervous when I realized it had been stained and had nail holes in it.  Finally discovered that she had chewed a piece off the bench that the dogs sit on to look out the window.

Tom our renter brought in a pair of my shoes from outside.  She ate part of one side.  I guess I should have left them on top of the TV.

Tom was using the drill and came inside to charge it.  He told me he had just plugged the battery in when he heard a loud thump.  He went out to investigate and the drill already sported teeth marks.  He said he yelled at her and she took off.  Later she tried to make up to him.  Laying at his feet and looking so contrite with her big puppy eyes.

I bought a loaf of banana bread and we had eaten most of it.  I had left it in a zip lock bag on top of the stove.  I made sure I had pushed it way back.  I found an empty zip lock bag in the yard.  I realized what had been in it when I went to cut a piece of banana bread for Dan and it wasn't there.  The banana bread was really good.

Wednesday evening there was an outdoor concert downtown. The dogs all wanted to go for a ride so we loaded them all up. Parked and listened to the music for awhile.  When we got home Dan backed into the drive way. Tom heard us and opened the front door. Dan and I stood on either side of the end gate opened the back up and stood out of the way of the stampeding herd.  Our traveling circus was home.

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  1. It's truly amazing what dogs will chew and eat. Our two year old Havanese has finally out-grown the "I-will-eat-anything" stage, but he still loves getting into my knitting bag and playing with the "balls" of wool. It's like having a toddler around forever.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog.... I enjoyed your post!

  3. Rosemary,
    I like your picture. Baby Fritzy was closely supervising the rearranging of one room that had become a catch all. You could see her mentally choosing what she would pack off first.

    She got away with a teddy bear before I retrieved it from outside.


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