Monday, December 12, 2011

Are You On Santa's Naughty List?

Did you ever write a letter to Santa?  I remember my Mom helping me write one every December when I was little.  How I would watch the mailbox anxiously waiting for a return response from Santa.  I recall the magic when finally I would open the mailbox and inside was a fancy letter.  There were always colored drawings on the outside.  That's how I would know it was from Santa.

I would hold the envelope in my shaking hands.  I remember asking for confirmation, "Is this my letter?"

Mom would smile, and show me my name on the outside of the envelope.  Then we would walk back to the house.  I guess I usually ran.  There I would open it and Mom would read it to me.   I remember the wonder.  How did he know all that about me?  As I look back I wish Mom would have saved one of those letters in my Baby Book.

I was an adult the first time I saw Santa's Sleigh flying through the air one Christmas Eve.  It brought back all that wonder I felt as a youngster.  Here in Billings Santa's sleigh can often be seen in the sky on Christmas eve.  The last few years it has become a tradition for my husband and I to go driving and watch for Santa's Sleigh.  Each time I see it I think of  Chris Van Allsburg's book the Polar Express.

This last week two of the teacher's at my school shared videos that Santa made for their children.  They were amazing.  New technology, but that Christmas anticipation was still there.

I decided to send an email to Santa at the Portable North Pole concerning my husband.  You see sometimes he's been naughty and gets coal in his stocking.  You guessed it Dan received a video from Santa.  If you would like to see it here is the link.  (He's ok with me sharing it.)  

Santa is truly a technology leader, that old elf even has a facebook page.  Here's to Christmas magic.


  1. This is fabulous what you did for your husband. Now he will continue driving you all over the place! I think I'll have to travel to Montana if I get to see Santa flying in his sleigh! Special magic at this time of year for sure! I also liked the idea of your letters & it is sad your mom didn't save one. They sound very special. I don't remember ever getting one. But my own children did!

  2. The sleigh is something to see. Even as an adult it makes me tingle. I found a post by someone else about the sleigh

  3. Here's to Christmas magic! Thanks for sharing the the site...I bet it made Dan smile. :)

  4. Say a big thank you to Dan for allowing to share the video. Thank you for writing about your childhood memory. The magic exists as long as you believe.

  5. This is wonderful, Ruth! The video is so funny. I still tell my kids that Santa is watching. :)

  6. Fantastic! I love that Santa's gone digital! So ... is Dan washing more dishes lately?

  7. Oh, I love it. My boys haven't written to Santa yet. Maybe we'll go high tech this year. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Love this, I also wrote about the magic of Christmas. And that video is awesome! Thanks for sharing.


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