Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kids Make Me Laugh

The other day I was visiting with a friend at Costco (Box Store).  He was accompanied by his wife, young daughter (preschooler) and younger son.  While we were talking his wife found a potential present for their daughter.  She surreptitiously passed it to her husband.    She took the kids and continued shopping.

When they returned the package was visible in Dad's hands.  Daughter eyed it, and asked him what he is doing with it.  (He was so busted.)  Thinking quickly he explained that I was buying it for my granddaughter and he was just looking at it.  He carefully placed it in my cart.

Again his wife and children went to browse.  He reclaimed the package. Carefully he hid the package from his daughter's prying eyes.  His family returned.  I noticed his daughter eyeing my empty cart.  First looking at me, then her Dad.  I knew he was so-oo busted.  I hoped the package wasn't on the list of presents Santa was bringing.  As I walked away, I chuckled to myself.  He was so busted, she had noticed everything.


  1. They are not so innocent as we think. Good story, and smart kid!

  2. Ha, ha, ha! Wouldn't you just love to hear what the little girl will say on Christmas? I can just see her expression when she looked at your empty cart. Very cute. :)

  3. I sent her Daddy the link to the story. He wrote back and said he knew he was busted! They are wonderful people and raising great kids.


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