Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Librarians Rule the World"

Saturday I stood in line at Costco for 1 hour and 22 minutes to have Christopher Paolini sign his fourth book "Inheritance".  One copy was for me and the other was for the Washington Elem library.  When I told Christopher I was a librarian.  This delightful young man's eyes twinkled as he said, "Tell your students, that I said, 'Librarians Rule the World'."  He made my whole week with that remark.

My one regret was that 13 years ago I did not buy his book Eragon when I had the chance.  Christopher had self published this first book at the age of 17.  Barb and Ron Scherry owners of the Great Northern Bookstore was carrying his autographed book at our Book Fair and I was broke.  So sad.  That $25 dollar book a couple of years ago sold for over $500 on ebay.

In line I was sandwiched between 2 young men.  The young man behind me had brought in several books to be signed.  They were loved to death, several of the paperback books were tattered and torn.  Proof of the eight times he had read each book.  The other young man held a stack of his books, reverently stowed in their case.  Two young men who are ardent readers.  This was evidence that touched my heart as a librarian.

Did I mention that the book signing was in Bozeman Montana approximately 140 miles from my home in Billings.  Through miscommunication we got a late start and didn't leave town until a little after 11:00.  The book signing started at 1:00.  I was at the back of the line at 1:22.
We didn't even stop to take the picture of the bald eagle standing in the middle of a frozen pond.  He looked kind of perplexed as he stood on that ice.

Life is filled with choices.  Some we take, some we don't.  Here's to all the people who make the choices and follow their dreams. 


  1. In my next life, I will be a librarian, for I too believe they rule the world, & hope they'll continue! It's a wonderful story you told, but I am sorry I missed seeing the eagle through your photos. I think it's wonderful that Paolini actually goes to places like Bozeman to reach his readers. And I'm happy you made it this time! The last line is special, and good luck with your dreams, too! Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you. I always look forward to reading your comments. Christopher still lives here in Montana. And he has been doing part of his tour here in Montana. He was the grand marshall for the Billings Fantasy Parade the day after Thanksgiving. I was up in Brusett and didn't see it.

    I love reading, I love readers, and I love authors. I love hearing the stories of how teachers touch students and make them readers.

  3. Librarians do you rule and you are the Queen Bee. You make a difference, because you open minds. Thanks for this post and you are awesome.

    I must get CP's book and read them. My middle school audiences all rave about his work. I saw him interviewed once and I was impressed with his mind.

    So many books, not enough time.
    Stay lit with literature Ruth. You shed light on the path.

    Nerds Rule!
    By Glenis Redmond

    I'm word nerd.
    I'm a book geek.
    I'm a reading freak.

    One day the universe will be mine.
    Understanding Mc2 like Einstein.

    Do you want to be large and in charge?
    Then, get yourself a library card.

  4. Thanks for telling me about Paolini & Montana, Ruth. I didn't know! It's terrific that he continues to return. Reading rules!

  5. The librarian has the key to all the stories! I used to imagine getting locked in a library overnight, so I could read all the books I wanted. A buffet of books...read all you want!

  6. I echo Donna's sentiment. Librarians do have the key to all of the stories!
    Your post reminds me that I have to get myself to the library more often. (My bank account will be happy about that switch too.)

  7. Librarians do rule the world. (I was raised by one!)
    Happy reading,

  8. I went to one of Paolini's first book signings for Eragon - he still looks so boyish in the photograph you posted! Librarians are awesome - they unlock secrets to the world of books and choosing books and loving books. In my next life....

  9. I celebrate with you - 17 year old authors, librarians, and those who celebrate them! (Despite eagles and late starts!)


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