Friday, April 6, 2012

F is For Fear

I am words whispering in the wind
I am chills that inhabit the dark, buried
I am the monster reflected in the looking glass
I am fiendish words twisted

I am eyes of darkness, stalking silently
I am a heart beating a staccato rhythm
I am secrets hidden in your memories
I am shadows of your dark side

I am screams splintering the silence 
I am the sound of a round being chambered.
I am a single night of violence, repeated
I am secrets hidden in your memories

I am green slime oozing up from fissures of distrust
I am rapacious thoughts chained with rusty links
I am vindictive words that cut to the bone
I am resentment that plots revenge

I am memories imprisoned breaking free.
I am disorientation, stirring shadows, panic
I am isolation, confusion
I am secrets hidden in your memories

I am a family photo and no recognition
I am estrangement that accepts no responsibility.
I am a memento wired with mental land-mines.

I am a demon, my name is FEAR.


  1. Ruth, this is amazing!  You have so many images here, it's 'scary', but that repeating line keeps the thread "I am secrets hidden in your memories', and I imagine you planned it just that way.  Powerful!

  2. Ruth Ferris/StorykeeperApril 6, 2012 at 9:05 AM

    This poem was both easy and hard to write.  Trying to keep it connected yet show the many and varied fears we face.  Thank you for your support.  I really struggle with poetry.  The rhythm.

  3. Hi Ruth
    Am in a crisis again with my husband. Please send up a prayer for me.

  4. Wow!  That was pretty powerful.  I'm not sure you struggle with poetry...well, you win after the struggle anyway!

  5. Ruth Ferris/StorykeeperApril 6, 2012 at 6:55 PM

    I sent prayers earlier.  But couldn't post.  I will continue.


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