Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for History - A List Poem

The old map
In the old trunk
The photograph album
The letters held together
Edison phonograph cylinders 1888-1915
A rolled poster
Silent Films
Silver Screen
Old Newspaper clippings
Memories of a life.


  1. It brought me to an attic, to my grandmother's, to our old house when we first moved in and found left over things from their life.  Loved it.

  2. Ruth Ferris/StorykeeperApril 10, 2012 at 4:42 AM

    A life saved.  The memories, yesterdays regrets, tomorrows hopes.  I am glad you stopped by.  I appreciate your thoughtful comments.

  3. There is so much to think about in this, Ruth.  Like Donna, I remember going up the stairs to one grandmother's attic to poke around & see what she kept.  Wish I could go up now!  I love your list, each thing a treasure & a story, right?  Thanks!

  4. Love the list. It reminded me right away of pieces from The History of the World in  100 Objects collections (here's one though this piece is list a personal history. I like how the poem feels like it's zooming through time at the end: talkies to the Silver Screen to many years there.  

  5. Storykeeper FerrisApril 10, 2012 at 11:07 PM

    What a great connection! Thank you for sharing the link! I love how writing connects to so many people.

  6. What a wonderful list...and poem!  I love poetry.  Too bad I suck at it.  Yours are divine!

    I'm a new follower via the A to Z.   It's nice to meet you!  Come on by and say hi sometime!


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