Monday, January 17, 2011

Heads or Tails: Sammi's Stuck

How does a Great Dane cross get stuck in a kitchen cupboard?  Maybe a better question is, why would a Great Dane get stuck in a kitchen cupboard?

Sammi is our Great Dane cross and she thinks she is a mouser.  Last week she had chased a mouse into one set of kitchen cupboards.  I had already removed most breakable things from this cupboard when she had made an earlier foray into them after a mouse.  Sammi is like a guided missile locking onto her target.  She tolerates nothing in her way.  

You see Sammi simply clears the shelves with her front paws when things are between her and the mouse.  The room ends up in shambles with all manner of things littering the floor.

I went to check on her when I heard Sammi whimpering in frustration.  I found her with her head in the cupboard.  Flour was all over the floor.  The second time I checked on her. Her front end was inside the cupboard.  I removed a few more things that I didn’t want on the floor.  And swept up all the flour.

The next time I looked over at her she had crawled all the way into the cupboard and was trying to get out the other side of the cupboard.  She was stuck and flour was everywhere.  It looked like someone had been in a flour fight.

I helped Sammi get out of the cupboard and started to clean up the flour.  Retrieving the remains of the flour sack, I noticed a mouse had carefully chewed a large hole in the bottom of the bag. Flour was still flowing everywhere. 

That is the tale of Sammi the dog, or should I say the head of the dog.


  1. Heehee...we could use you over here
    Sammi! We heard some scratching inside one of the walls the other night!! Maybe not, you might eat the wall to get to the mouse!!


  2. Wyatt I love your comments.

  3. You are one patient and understanding mama...the pictures were priceless! Love those dogs...even when we're cleaning up after them!

  4. Oh that is so funny. I can sympathize with trouble lovin' dogs.

  5. I'm lucky my husband enjoys them also.

  6. I was a kid with dogs and an adult, now without...

    Love your story Ruth and your pics and I'm glad I haven't weakened to those cute puppies everywhere around me.


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