Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Have You Heard About the Wii Bear?

Yesterday I read the "Three Bears" by Galdone to my third graders. This was a new story for about three quarters of my class. One youngster had heard the story before and proclaimed it "Awesome".

The edition I read calls the cub a "wee" bear. After several repitions of the word wee, one student asked "Where is the Wii Game? When do we get to play it? I laughed to myself as I realized I was in the presence of "digital natiives". They even explained that Wii was spelled w - i - i.

I ran through the story mentally applying modern meanings to this traditional story. It certainly painted a different picture in my mind. As I explained the contextual meaning my students nodded their understanding, but looked around hoping to see a Wii Bear.


  1. That is so interesting Ruth and there will be more to come. Keep sharing your observations.
    Great share,

  2. The kids always make me laugh. It always takes me by surprise when I think we are speaking a shared language only to discover - not so much.

  3. I love this! Oh my goodness, here I am reading this story to my mostly ELL class and I would never have imagined that this might be the connection they are trying to make!

  4. If only people had word balloons that told the rest of us how they were interpreting their experience.


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