Sunday, October 16, 2011

Montana State Reading Conference

I really wish you all could be here.  Thursday the Montana State Reading Conference starts.  I am excited and nervous.  The Montana State Reading Council has done an awesome job.  We have some wonderful presenters coming.  Just look at our line up below.  Midland Empire Reading Council - MERC, is the Billings local reading council - has been busy helping.
  • James Dashner (Maze Runner, Scorched Trials) 
  • Anne Isaacs - (Swamp Angel, Torn Thread)
  • Dr Terrell Young (Happily Ever After: Sharing Folk Literature With Elementary and Middle School Students)
  • Linda Rief - 100 Quick Writes & author/co-editor of 5 Heinemann titles 
  • Sneed Collard III (Miles City Bucking Horse Sale, Shep, The Hangman's Gold)
  • Eugene Gagliano (C is for Cowboy; My Teacher Dances on the Desk)
  • Zac Pullen - Illustrator
  • Steve Gardiner - Building Student Literacy through Sustained Silent Reading
  • Curt Layman - First Time published author - Christmas Cheese
Did I mention that Zac Pullen is going to be here.  His illustrations capture such nuances of the characters.  I hope you check out his website and blog.  (If you click on his name above I have linked it to his page).

Members of the MERC board will also be presenting at the conference.  Check out their sessions.

  • Book It With a Buddy
  • Thinking Like a Historian: Using Digital Newspapers in the Classroom
  • NaNoWriMo--Challenging Young Writers
  • Read Like a Writer:  Work with Mentor Texts

I have been looking at the schedule and picked out several I REALLY want to go to!  Rats several are at the same time I'm presenting. Come and enjoy the wonderful presentations. Hmm I wonder if anyone would notice if I skipped out and went to one of the others instead? 

Ruth Ferris
MERC - President


  1. Wow, you must be busy if you are the head of your council! Best wishes for a terrific week of learning. I didn't know the illustrator Zac Pullen, so did check out the site. Really interesting details and art. I'll keep him in mind. I hope you'll blog about your presentation too. I'd love to see what you do, and love to be there.

  2. I'm just home from a writing conference. To be good writers, we were encouraged once again to READ good books. Enjoy your conference and remember to breath out occassionally. :)

  3. I love the good reading that's the easy part. Yes it's good to be reminded about breathing. I haven't been breathing much lately.


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