Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Things That Make Me Laugh

I saw this sign Sunday when we were driving in the "Big Hole Country" near Jackson, Montana (Beaverhead County).  We drove passed and I commented that the name would make my readers laugh. 

Dan asked me, "You really want me to turn around so you can take a picture of that sign?"

"Yes.  They will laugh."

The ground looked dry.  So Dan pulled over in the borrow pit.  The looks were deceptive. Underneath the ground was muddy.  He had to put the pickup in 4 Wheel Drive so we could drive out.  He just shook his head.

"I can't believe I almost got stuck so you could take that picture."

My answer, "It's because you love me.  That's why you turned around.  And they will love this sign!"


  1. You are right: that sign was worth the turn-around. Don't you just love the Hubs that give us the leeway to be hokey?

  2. He's the best. He is very supportive and he loves our road trips.

  3. I needed a good laugh for my snowy drive to work, and you gave me one! I wonder if the ranch is run by women? What a spectacular view-just beautiful! And-your husband is the best!

  4. I did laugh--and then a bunch of questions popped in my head--why did they name it that? Is there a hairpin turn coming up? Do women own and run this ranch? Lots to think and write about there!

  5. My husband said he had heard the name before. The image of the hairpin is their brand. I don't know who owns it though.

  6. Thank him for all of us! Great picture. Well worth going mudding.
    And wouldn't that make a nice writing prompt? And then have kids make up their own ranch symbol and create a story for it.


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