Monday, October 17, 2011

Oreo Cows

 I took these pictures just outside of Broadview, Montana.  The first time we passed them I noticed the cows but didn't take any pictures.  We came home and I researched them.  They are officially known as the Belted Galloway Cattle.  They are actually a rare breed of Scottish cattle.  I've talked to a number of people recently and there are several herds of them here in Montana.  In this herd there was also a brown and white cow.  I guess she is "milk chocolate".

The second time I saw them we had gone back
so I could get some pictures.  But it was tooo dark.
These pictures represent my third attempt.
I would love to put a picture of a Holstein next
to these.  I think the black and white theme
would be interesting.  Kind of reminds me of the
book Dylan's Day Out by Peter Catalanotto.

It a theme in black and white.


  1. Those are really cool looking. I've never seen anything like them before.

  2. Ruth I can so relate to the itch to capture the image. I love the contrast colors too. THe cows the wheat grass.

    So cool that you write before you go to bed. And that's why you have the first spot :)


  3. Love those cookies! I wonder if there is a book about cows somewhere, maybe in you? I continue to enjoy your photos and the stories you tell with them. Thanks!

  4. They certainly do look like Oreo cookies. I am constantly amazed at nature and how unique it is. It would be cool to do an art project of black and white animals. These pictures could be very inspiring. So fun!

  5. I enjoyed your pictures. I have never seen Oreo cows before. Great contrast against the wheat.

  6. Oreo cows!! I love it. There is a book in you.

  7. I agree with Tam...there's a book waiting to be written here! :)

  8. How timely to read your post. I just saw one of these cows on my way home and almost stopped to take a pictures. It was the only one in the group so I didn't know there could be a whole herd - and I love the name! Now I can look for them and "slug bug" when I see one.


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