Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reading Its Magic

The conference starts tomorrow.  So many good sessions.  Last summer when I was looking through the list of things our council was responsible for, transportation was listed.  I remember saying ok got that one covered. (Picking up speakers from the airport).  I just recruited my husband to do the driving.

So tonight our council went to supper, we invited several guests to join us.  We all had the opportunity to have a wonderful visit. Imagine my delight when James Dashner said he had met Judy Blume!  And Terry commented that Judy Blume would be at an upcoming International Reading Conference.  I would like to go there.

One of the reasons I love conferences is getting to meet the authors who write the books my kids love.  What great magic that is.  As a reader the magic they put on the page makes me believe they must be a little magical themselves.

Sneed Collard writes great nonfiction.  He is so very gracious.  He truly listens when he asks you a question.  That is magic.  He has published over 60 books.  In a time when our kids hunger for good nonfiction his are truly books to be cherished.

Start checking the best seller list.  One of my dinner companions newest book is going to be on it.  Yes the only thing more magical than a good book, is talking to its author.


  1. can't wait to hear all about it: what and who and when, etc. Sounds great fun!

  2. Meeting authors is the best! I love to have them sign my book. I guess we'll be back to autograph books when books all go digital. Or maybe a digital book will allow a digital signature to be affixed somehow?

  3. Yes I collected some wonderful signatures - James Dashner, Anne Isaacs, and Linda Reif and Sneed Collard III. Dr Terrell Young from the International Reading Association Board also spoke. In fact our counsel had the great pleasure to have had supper with James, Sneed, and Terry. It still makes me giddy.


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