Monday, February 20, 2012

Dessert - To Share Or Not To Share

The first time Dan ever tasted my Cherry Cheese Dessert was at a family get together around one of the holidays.  I made it at home and offered him the beaters to lick.  He didn't want to try them.

That evening we all got together, had supper, visited - and one by one people returned to Lori's kitchen for dessert.  Dan decided to try mine.  He took a couple of bites and looked at me with amazement.  "This is really good.  Why haven't you ever made it for me before?"

I smiled,  reminding him - I had suggested it before!

About that time teenage great nephew #1 came in and started dishing up a helping. I watched Dan's eyes follow every spoonful as it went from the dessert pan to the plate.  It was like watching the dancing ball going up and down.

Great nephew #1 sat down to enjoy it.  Dan watched every bite that  he took. His (GN#1's) very young cousin, great niece #1, came in and started to dish up a serving.

This time two sets of eyes followed the spoon like a bouncing ball, as she served herself.  Up down, up down went the eyes.  Their message telegraphed - they begrudged every spoonful she took.

She began to eat.  She left a couple of spoonfuls on her plate.  Great nephew #1 took her plate and quickly transferred the dessert to his own.  He commented, "Little kids shouldn't even get any of this - if they are going to leave it."

It was hard not to laugh.

Yesterday we went to Miles City to see Dan's kids and granddaughter.  We usually have supper at his son's house and play cards with friends.  Dan had asked me to make a pan of the Cherry Cheese Dessert.

The gathering consisted of Daughter #1, Son # 1 and his daughter (granddaughter #1), the kids cousin and her family - girls #1&2, her husband/Son #1's good friend.  And another couple that have been long time friends of my husband.

We ate supper and then played cards, followed by dessert.  Each person took a serving.   I watched Dan's and Son #1's eyes follow like a bouncing ball, as Son #1's friend dished up and started to eat.  He finished his serving and took another helping.  Of course he was razzed about this by many.  He explained he was just evening out the lines.

I have been known to leave any remaining dessert with our host/hostess.  The first time I did that - Dan told me, "I can't believe you left that dessert there."

This time as we got ready to leave Dan gathered up the pan.  When we got back in the pickup he commented, "I'm glad you made it in the good pan.  I didn't feel guilty about not leaving it."

Watching him, watch others dish up the dessert makes me want to giggle.

Cherry Cheese Dessert Recipe

Step 1
2 cups graham crackers, crushed
1/2 cup butter melted
6 Tbs sugar
        I usually crush the graham crackers in a gallon sized Zip Lock bag and then add the other ingredients, until well blended.  Then pour and pat into a 9 X 13 inch cake pan.

Step 2
2 pkgs (8 oz)  Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 cup sugar
4 cups cool whip

Mix cream cheese and sugar.  Beat  on medium speed until fluffy.  Add cool whip continue beating.  (Texture will resemble whipped cream).  Add by dollops on top of graham cracker crust.  Smooth cream cheese mixture until fairly level.

Step 3
2 cans (20 oz) cherry or blueberry pie filling (I use Wilderness Pie Filling)

Pour cherry pie filling on top of cream cheese mixture.  Chill until ready to serve.

Enjoy!  (It is also good with blueberry pie filling)



  1. Funny how food connects us to memories. My mom used to make a cheesecake on special occasions, and my brother and I would fight to get the spoons. He usually won (darn it, being the little brother).

  2. I love food memories--they usually have something funny connected to them! And yours does. I could just see Dan as he watched every bite everyone else took. And, I suspect, he'll always want you to make it in the "good" pan from now on!

  3. Ruth,
    Thanks for the recipe and I loved watching the eyes watch the eating experience :)

  4. I thought I commented last night, Ruth, but maybe I did on the other site. It's a great story, with those eyes moving back and forth, bite by bite. There's a lot to love about someone appreciating one's cooking! And there's a lot to love about cream cheese! The photo says all!

  5. I'm glad you made it in the good pan, too. :) It looks yummy!

  6. Great story. I love cheese cake. I am looking forward to trying your recipe. :D

  7. How incredibly funny! I love stories of grown-ups acting like kids. What a huge compliment to your dessert. I'll have to give it a try. Thank you!

  8. Yum! This sounds and looks delish! How funny that all the eyes were following the spoonfuls of dessert and I love how Dan was so pleased that you made the dessert in the "good pan" -- not to leave it behind! Thanks for the recipe too!

  9. Looks delicious in the picture! I love your description of how he didn't want to try it, then obviously loved it so much he couldn't stop watching everyone else eat it! A great slice!


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