Saturday, February 18, 2012

History In Pictures - Zinn Education Project

Freedom on the Menu is a picture book that I use as a lead-in to the Civil Rights Movement.   This book is about the Greensboro Sit-Ins.

I glanced at this picture from the Zinn Education project and immediately thought, “Oh I recognize this.”  I thought it was a picture of the sit-in at the Greensboro “Whites Only” lunch counter.  When I connected to the link  I learned that this picture wasn’t taken at Greensboro.  This picture was actually taken Feb 6, 1961, and is part of the Rochill sit-ins.  I also learned that one of the first lunch counter sit-ins took place June 23, 1957 in Durham, NC.

The Zinn Education Project has a number of photos and short captions that catch history in pictures.  What a great portal to going deeper into our history.
History in Pictures is part of the Zinn Education Project

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  1. Thanks for the resources, Ruth. The picture book looks good! Also, thanks for your very personal post yesterday. I applaud you for finding out so much.

  2. Thank you. There is still so much to do.


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