Sunday, February 26, 2012

Have You Ever Bought a Book Twice?

Have you ever bought a book that sounded terrific only to discover you had its twin at home?  Have you ever looked at a book and it seems familiar but you just aren't sure if you've read it before?   I've done it more than I would like to admit.

My home library is not sorted.  At best its on the shelf by where I can fit it.  I've even toyed with inventorying my collection.  That was over whelming! And I didn't stick with it.

Today I was reading ilearn technology  and her post

All three apps let you scan the barcode and add the book to collection.
I know google has had a similar program for a long time.  Except you have to type in all the information.  I love being able to scan and everything is DONE!

This is a great resource for the classroom library.  I need to play with this to see how to tweak it so that I can keep track which books I buy each year for taxes.  Maybe more importantly I won't buy so many twins! 


  1. Hi Ruth! I have the Goodreads app but didn't know you could just scan a book in. Might be intereesting. Yes, I have bought the same book twice, & a long-time colleague has too. We just chuckle at each other & give the 'second' book to the other. fun! I don't know what to do about the books. I have an office full at school and an office full at home, plus many other shelves of personal books. Sometimes it's really embarrassing! Fun post of our terrible reading woes.

  2. The gal at ilearn technology said the ones at school she was having some of the students scan them in. I am not sure how quickly I can et my books inventoried. Probably will get the ones at school and some specific ones at home.

    I think I will do my cookbook collection. I usually give certain family members cookbooks. I thinkI will make a virtual bookshelf for them and scan the copies I gave them. I am always trying to remember which ones I've given.

  3. Sorry I didn't check back sooner. That's a good idea to start with a certain group. Maybe I'll do the the professional books "after" I weed them out & give some away. I don't know; it's rather overwhelming. Here's a post I read a few days ago about TBR lists-funny!


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