Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bobbing Balloons

Three sets of bobbing balloons decorate this month's table.  Each month birthday staff are recognized during a monthly potluck.  Decorations and small gifts change depending on the folks who are hosting the luncheon.

Friday, our secretary Mrs W reminded me to take my balloons.  I decided to leave them in my room so I could enjoy them while they stayed aloft.

Monday, I came through the doors and Mrs W pointed to the balloons sitting on the counter.  I looked at the gentle swaying balloons as she said "Don't forget your balloons."

"I put them in my room Friday."

Mrs W.  "I know."

Me: "So why are they here this morning?"

Mrs W: "They set off the motion detector and set off the alarm.   I figured it out the 2nd time and put them in the vault."

My beautiful bobbing balloons accompanied me to the library. After school I took them home and put them in the living room.

My two dogs were not impressed.  Baby stood by my chair facing these gently bobbing interlopers. She growled her warning that if they came closer they would deal with her.  Eventually she laid down but kept them in sight.

Tank, (our Scooby Doo), would move in for a closer look at the gently bobbing balloons.  Then he would notice a shadow or slight movement and off he would run.  Returning to check them out again.

Beautiful bobbing birthday balloons.

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