Thursday, March 2, 2017

Friendship is Everything

Friendship - it's the little things; it's the big things.  Ida is my friend. She has been my library volunteer for 6 years.  This fall Mrs W our secretary suggested a surprise birthday party for her 88th birthday.  All 297 students made her a birthday card.  It was great! She dreams of the future.

Lauri is my friend - she has been my library volunteer for over 10 years and two school moves.  A few years ago is gave our library a collection of Goosebumps.  Her adult son said it was ok to give his childhood collection to us.  Last week one of the books fell apart.  I had already used a ton of tape on it.  I showed her it had been checked out 77 times.  She encourages dreamers.

Karin is my friend.  She is a retired librarian.  I worked with her the year before she retired.  She has been my library volunteer for two years and in two schools.  She has helped me catalog our new books and weed the collection.  She has helped me pack up my library two years in a row (all the books).  She then helped me unpack them.

Trish is my friend.  She is a retired librarian.  She is loyal.  She says what she thinks.  She scolds me and then supports my dreams.  I have only to say I need your help and she's there.

Audrey is my friend.  She too is a retired librarian.  She has listened to me cry. She has encouraged me. She has believed in me. And she too, helped me pack my library twice in two years, every book.

Kelli is my friend.  Yes she is a retired librarian.  She taught English and then joined the library ranks.  I was a 2nd year librarian and they made me her mentor. LOL.  I told her straight out I was learning and we would figure it out together. She taught me so much. She laughs with me and makes me answer my own questions.

Mrs W is my friend.  She is our secretary.  She drives by my house on her way to work.  Tuesday there were emergency vehicles near my home.  She called to check on Dan and I.  I was very touched.  My elderly neighbor is still in the hospital.

These are some of my many wonderful friends.  They are ones to ride the river with!

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