Friday, March 21, 2014


Yesterday was spring.  Today we got snow.  Winter is staying late.

Tonight we went to the Hospice Home to see a friend.  Pulling up I saw my first Robins of the year.  There were 10 of them on the roof.  All fluffed up against the wind.

I watch one head pop-up from inside the rain gutter.  His head peeks over the side,  looks around, then down it goes. Up, down, around.

We watch for a couple of minutes. Opening the car door I watch them fly up.  Walking I notice the icicles hanging from a bush.

Inside we laugh, and talk.  I watch my friend and the love of his life say good-bye.  Their love is palpable - strong, sweet, and timeless.  K. our other neighbor is taking her home.  Tomorrow I will pick her up so they can spend time together.

As I look out the window, snow has begun to fall again.  I think about our life stories - a colleague is expecting a new baby, my nephew and his sweetheart will say I do in May.  June will mark seven years since my Mother passed away.

As I walk out I look for the Robins.  They have not returned.  Another missed opportunity.  Determining to bring my camera tomorrow - I snap the icicles with my phone. Tomorrow is full of possibilities.


  1. A beautiful post, a reminder to appreciate what is in front of us. Too often we stop seeing the simple things that make our life so very rich. Your friends are lucky to have you by their side during such a difficult time.

  2. Life continues to circle. Some parts are more difficult than others. You are a wonderful support for all your friends and family.

  3. thinking about how we sometimes take for granted there will always be another chance and how sometimes, that chance does not with regret or live with knowing you take the opportunity when it meets you.

  4. Life does go on no matter what we are going through or what is happening around us.Your friends are lucky that you are there for them.


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