Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Panic Day?

According to our morning news program today is National Panic Day. I didn't know I needed a special day to panic.  I thought that was just what happens.  It made me laugh that there is an official day for panic-ing.

The newsmen suggested choosing one thing to panic over today.  I usually panic when I can't find:

  • car keys
  • cell phone
  • purse
  • notebooks
So what makes you panic?


  1. It's hard to remember the last time I panicked...I'm guessing it's when I woke up late on a workday, which only happens about once a year. And since I pad my morning with an extra hour anyway, the panic didn't last long!

  2. I think my panic over losing keys is different from real emergencies and real panic. It sounds like you arrange things to move smoothly, I admire that.

  3. Well I'll be. There is a day for everything. I panic when I am running late to a meeting with someone.

  4. Mis-placing my phone for sure. If I lost my purse I would panic after, but I don't mis-place it. What a funny 'day', & who makes those up? I wonder if there are groups and groups that sit around and create them? Glad you told us! It was supposed to snow a little today, but it's coming down very hard right now. I wonder if the weather people are panicking? Ha!

  5. StorykeeperferrisMarch 11, 2014 at 9:19 PM

    Our morning news always has the "day". Sometimes they are very funny.


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