Thursday, March 13, 2014


Yesterday I read a post from Inspiring a Love of Reading about writing from  a word   I thought I would use this inspiration to do todays slice.


I am planning to read "I Survived the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906
by Lauren Tarshis
When I think of Lauren Tarshis I think of hearing her speak
in Billings, MT this year
She talked about her series
and the magazine she used to edit
Then I think of all the books in her series what a great format
I will use them to scaffold teaching about primary sources
I want them to have some background knowledge
Then we will look at Chronicling America and other primary sources
When I think of Chronicling America, I think of time travel
Being able to read historic newspapers
Reminds me of sharing "I survived the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.


  1. I like the full circle of this piece. Kind of like a word association leading back to where it all began.

  2. Yesterday (and wonder form the other blog) are both words to inspire varied writing, and they could be used more than once, with different result each time.

  3. I love the circle you've put into your poem, and the history included-specific, but the possibilities-your interests.


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