Monday, March 10, 2014

Watching an Aerial Ballet

Winter snow has begun to melt.  Icy streets transformed to wet pavement.  Mud replaces snow packed areas.  I am reminded that everything leaves a mark.  Looking towards the ground no matter wether it is mud or snow I often see footprints.

Yesterday I was visiting a couple of neighbors.  Kathy and I stood outside talking and I looked down to see tiny footprints.  So small, so perfect.  I could see from the prints that one of the neighborhood squirrels had spent some time under that tree.

Later as I brought groceries into the house a brown tail flashed above the gable.  I knew inside Tank would be whimpering as he stared out the back windows, watching for his frisky friend.

The squirrels will scamper across the wires in the alley.  I love to watch their aerial ballet.  My dogs watch with a different intent.  They are convinced that they are one jump from catching them.  I am convinced that the squirrels enjoy this game.  They sit and eat just above the yard.  Grow bold jumping from the wires to the trees. Racing through the branches to the roofs.


  1. Not living in the center of town, we have our share of squirrels running from our front yard across the street to the neighbor's. Kathy and I always hope they make it because traffic on the road flies by and the drivers are not always watching for animals crossing the road.

  2. Yes, the squirrels are out in my neighborhood, too...and my dog is happy to chase them once again. Spring!


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