Friday, June 18, 2010

March 16 - The Baby

Friday we joined some friends to celebrate Nicole’s birthday. I laughed as people asked Dan, “Did you crate the “Baby”?”
He would answer, “Yes. But I told “the Baby” it was her mother’s idea not mine.”
Saturday I went to an Art & Craft Show with Patty, Lori & Shelly. Some very talented people had their work on display. After browsing the show Lori and I went to have a pop, Dan joined us. I asked Dan if he crated “the baby”.
“No. She said she would be good.”
I had another errand to run before heading home. I called Dan and asked what “the Baby” ate in our absence.
He said, “Nothing. She had some empty bags out of the box from the oxygen place.”
I sighed, “When I left the box wasn’t empty. The new water reservoir and the attachments were in it.”
When I came home I started sweeping up plastic. It turned out to be the remains of a roll of scotch tape that bit the dust. The water reservoir was still intact and I located one of the attachments. Still missing was an attachment, a small funnel, and the cover connecting the attachment to the reservoir. None of the plastic pieces seemed to have come from the attachments. I didn’t think she swallowed them. But I couldn’t find any broken pieces.
Baby was bouncing around no worse for the wear.
I told Dan that he would need to go down Monday and replace the missing pieces.
“Can’t I just drive you there after school?”
“No. You decided not to crate her. So you can go get the replacements.” I told him putting her in the crate is for her own safety. “I know you would feel terrible if she got into something and got hurt.”
Both the puppy and Dan looked suitably chastised.
Later Dan and I were playing cribbage and “Baby” and the other dogs went outside. Pretty soon “Baby” came back with the attachments, cover, and funnel still in their sealed bag. She laid this bag at Dan’s feet. She seemed to be saying, “See I returned them. Now are we out of the dog house?”
Dan reached down, picked up the bag and said, “Oh “Baby” you just got me out of hot water.”
As “Baby” looked up at me she really did seem to understand.

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