Friday, June 18, 2010

March 23 - Baby's First Cap

I came home from school and found Baby munching on her first cap.  I looked at Dan, "Your Cap?"
Sheepishly grinning, "Yah." he said.
It seems he had gone looking for his cap when it was nowhere to be found.  He looked at the puppy and said, "What did you do with it Baby?"
It took about 10 minutes, but Baby brought the cap in from outside and dropped it at Dan's feet.  He told me, "She looked up at me with those big eyes and sweet face.  She was just so tickled!"
She seemed to say, "See Dad, aren't you proud of me! I brought it back to you!  Then she wagged her tail and gave me a doggy grin, as she waited to be praised for her efforts."
I asked Dan "Well what did  you do?"
He shrugged his shoulders, "What could I do?  She looked at me with that sweet face, I couldn't stay mad at her?"
I questioned Dan further, "What's with the cap?"
Dan's eyes twinkled when he retold his conversation: " I told her she could have it. But, it was the only one she could have. No more."
Dan and I talked about the fact that by bringing the hat back to him seemed to suggest she really did understand what he had asked her.  This was the second time she had brought something back that she had taken.
When I watch Baby look sweetly up at my husband's grinning face.  I see her love reflecting back in his eyes.  I think they do understand each other.

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